WordPress – Start from here and go anywhere

There is no limit to the number of times we can stress the importance of choosing the right platform for your website. We provide the Best WordPress Development In Fredericton.Although there are several platforms readily available, you must be wondering what is the absolute best of the best? If you were to ask any web designer their first choice when it comes to designing a website, their first choice would most likely be WordPress. Kent is trying to make a decision about WordPress Kent is ready to have this website developed. However, he is wondering if he should rely on everyone’s suggestions and choose WordPress. Wordpress Development In Fredericton

The Solution:

What should you do? Selecting the right platform to launch your website can be quite intimidating, especially when the process not only involves you selecting a platform, but also one that the designer that you are employing is well acquainted with. WordPress is a number one choice of all designers and is an excellent website design and management medium for all those looking to add a professional touch to their business.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Am I looking to manage my own site?
  • Am I looking for greater flexibility?
  • What are the goals in terms of my website?

What is WordPress?

WordPress, although formally used for creating blogs, is far more than a simple platform for blogging. WordPress has truly evolved ever since its launch and now possesses the ability of running websites for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

How is WordPress better than anything else in the market?

For starters, WordPress is absolutely free. It can be very easily downloaded on any system and doesn’t cost you a single penny. Unlike other website design platforms like Squarespace or Wix, WordPress offers increased levels of flexibility and allows you to host your website anywhere and also be able to move to a different hosting service, at any point in time. All of these abilities makes WordPress an ideal website hosting service, for all those looking to get their very first website designed. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Even though there are quite a few methods when it comes to using WordPress to design your website, wordpress.com and wordpress.org promise the most when it comes to getting your toes dipped in the world of website design. These two platforms make it very easy for you to get your first website designed and later be able to manage it on your own. WordPress.com This version is easy to use, as it takes only a few minutes to set up your free website, however, it is the hosted version which means your website runs on WordPress servers and offers limited flexibility. Moreover, this version doesn’t include the entire library of the very attractive themes that WordPress has to offer and doesn’t offer you access to plugins. WordPress.org This version provides you with complete control of your website. It allows you to run your WordPress website on your own hosting account. It also allows you to install customized themes, use your own domain and be able to edit the code for the site. Wordpress Development In Fredericton

Kent is able to make an educated decision about WordPress

Kent was able to understand that WordPress is an ideal website hosting and developing platform as it is not only free but offers increased levels of flexibility and control. Since Kent is very new to the world of website design, he sees that WordPress provides him with the unique opportunity to switch to a different platform, any time he feels the need of it. Kent is now able to make an educated decision on which platform he would like to use to start his website.

Get flexibility and control with WordPress

WordPress is one of the leading website hosting platforms. “According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 22.5% of all websites on the Internet.” It not only serves as an easy to use platform, but also provides you with complete control of your site and allows you to move to a different platform, if need be. Click to learn more about our website packages