You need to create a business page on Facebook. Here’s why:

In a rather short period of time, Facebook has become a favorite amongst all social media platforms. With an ever increasing number of people signing up for an account, Facebook has become a much larger audience for businesses to target through. Having a business account on Facebook offers numerous advantages to businesses. How many times have you actually considered buying an item, just because you saw it floating around Facebook?

Justin’s Story:

Justin is wondering how he can further promote his business online.

The Solution:

What should you do?

Setting up a page on Facebook on behalf of your business is essential in order to attract more customers and build an image online.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • How can I attract potential customers?
  • How can I save money on marketing strategies?
  • How can I further enhance my business’s presence online? 

It is very important for just about every business to set up a page on Facebook dedicated towards their business and make use of the 1 billion users that are checking their Facebook accounts every minute.
Here are five main reasons to seriously consider setting up a business account on Facebook:


Identify your audience

Identifying your target market is not an easy task, especially for new business owners. Facebook is essential when it comes to teaching you about your target audience, with Facebook Insights. With the help of this feature, you can get access to information such as age, interests, location, etc. of all those that “like” your business page on Facebook.
Once you have this data obtained, you can very easily identify your target market and ensure that your posts, updates, etc. targets them in particular. This is a very easy strategy to make your business seem much more appealing to your audience and help your business expand and acquire new customers.

Boost the number of people following your business

Having a page on Facebook means you can not only get an in-depth understanding of your audience but also be able to attract more people to your page. Having a higher number of people following your business’s activities, means a much larger audience viewing your new products and services and provides you with a free platform to showcase all that your business has to offer and also gain new customers.
The best way to increase the number of “likes” that your page has, is by suggesting all your friends and family members like the page and urge their friends and family to like it too. Moreover, you can also host contests and giveaways that encourage people that have already “liked” your page, to share details of your business on their Facebook account, thus allowing you to reach a larger client base and acquire more potential customers in the process.

Save money by using Facebook to market your products and services

Creating a Facebook page offers you affordable marketing strategies. You might need to hire a graphic designer to design an attractive profile photo and cover image for your business profile and you might need to spend a little on ads, however, the cost of these marketing strategies are still very affordable and effective.

Make it easy for your customers to connect with you

Logging into your Gmail, and sending formal inquiry related emails are something that most of us dread. Using Facebook’s message tool on the other hand means that users can very easily send you a quick inbox message related to any concerns or queries that they may have.

Build trust

Having a higher number of people liking your page means a much higher level of confidence that new customers will have in your business. A Facebook business page can do wonders toward helping you build brand loyalty. These days, just about everyone looks for businesses online. They take into account things such as comments from existing customers, the number of likes that the business page has and how active the business is on social media. We are all actively looking into businesses to purchase from on Facebook. However, if users see that you are active and responsive on Facebook, they are far more likely to do business with you. Vice versa, if the business doesn’t appear to be very active on Facebook, users are much more likely to think that the business is perhaps a scam or is currently non-operational.
Therefore, it is very important for all new and old businesses to build and maintain their presence on Facebook.

Justin is ready to promote his business on social media

Justin understands that he needs to set up a page on Facebook for his business in order to take advantage of the one billion users that are constantly looking for new services and products on social media.

Join Facebook, promote your business

Facebook is an exceptional platform when it comes to promoting your business and attracting potential customers at little to no cost. While setting up an account for your business on Facebook is free, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to market your products and services more effectively.