Stir your traffic in the right direction

Wondering why a “landing page” has the term “landing” in it? Well, a landing page helps in directing visitors to land on your webpage. It generates leads for your business and attracts new customers.

Think of a landing page as the synopsis of a book. A landing page plays a very important role in summarizing what your business is about and encourages your visitors to take an action such as signing up for a newsletter, requesting a consultation or making a purchase. Moreover, a landing page supports your business’s goals; it helps you reach your customer base, promote new products and entice interested users into getting in touch with you.

Annette’s Story:

Annette is thinking how she can take additional measures to ensure that the conversion rate between the number of people visiting her page and number people making actual purchases remains high. While she has heard all about landing pages, she wonders what an effective landing page should contain.

The Solution:

What should you do?

In order to convert visitors into leads, you should invest in getting a landing page created. A landing page allows you to maximize conversion and better present your business to potential customers.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Do I know what a landing page is?
  • How can a landing page help my business?
  • What are some key elements that my landing page should have?

A landing page is a very important component that all business websites should have. Not only does a landing page attract more traffic from search engines, it also helps encourage an action from your visitors.
While a landing page directs the funnel of web visitors into your business’s direction, it is important that your landing page contains the following essential elements, in order to ensure that your visitors convert into customers:

Clear and concise

There is nothing like a brief, clean and concise landing page. While an overcrowded and unattractive landing page turns visitors away at the speed of light, a concise landing page, on the other hand, guides your visitors and attracts them into wanting to do business with you.

Attractive heading

It is important that you include a note: maybe use another word than killer killer headline to immediately catch the attention of your visitors. An action packed heading not only confirms the user that they’ve landed on a page that matched their search, but also provides you with a unique opportunity to encourage them to consider your business.


While your headline works on catching the visitor’s attention, a subheading acts like a second push and persuades the visitor into paying interest to the remainder of the page. The subheading further emphasizes on the message contained in the main heading and lures the visitor to understand the concept in slightly more depth.

Convincing message

It is important that you continue to keep your visitors interested by adding some explanation on the page. It is suggested that you avoid over-crowding your landing page with heaps of uninteresting information, but instead make sure that every word on the page work towards presenting your business’s goals.
Break up long paragraphs of information into short, easy-to-digest chunks of information. Make use of bullet points to highlight key information and make it easy for visitors to get the gist of information by skimming and scanning.


The use of pictures makes everything ten times more attractive, if and when used in the right amount. While the human brain processes images up to sixty thousand times faster than simple text, it is important that you make use of images to convey your message.

Highlight benefits of using your products/service

The number one thing that people look for when shopping for products and services revolves around the benefits or the value that product/service will bring. Include a value proposition, or highlight benefits of working with you.

Add a call to action feature

Make use of simple words and urge your visitors to take an action, be it filling out a form to join your mailing list, or signing up for a free eBook. The call to action feature not only encourages an action from the visitor, thus confirming their interest, but also allows you to gain access to valuable information about the individual visiting your site. Information such as their sex, their location, etc. allows you to analyze your audience and be able to target them more specifically.

Annette can now skip the lengthy introduction

Annette understands that a landing page equipped with essential elements could help convert visitors into potential customers and can greatly help her business grow.

Direct your traffic

For years, experts were unable to understand how traffic is directed towards websites. However, with the recent developments in the field of digital marketing, we now know that email marketing, pay-click-click, SEO marketing and other similar strategies pay an important role in directing visitors to a certain website. Setting up a landing page for your business is very crucial, as it is widely known to convert 10-15% of visitors into possible customers. A landing page, also known as the lead capturing page, works alongside these lead generation techniques and convert a high percentage of visitors into potential customers.