ScreenFlow makes video editing quick and simple

If you are looking for a software that can make video editing as easy as possible, ScreenFlow by Telestream just might be it. Although Screenflow is exclusively for Mac users, it has proven to be the favorite amongst many. ScreenFlow is an affordable and a very easy to use software to cater to most video production needs. The software is specifically designed to cater editing and screencasting needs of individuals that are not experts when it comes to recording videos.

Sam wants to start creating videos for his customers

Sam is thinking of setting up an in-house studio to take care of all aspects of video production needs for his new business. However, he wonders which video production tool he should rely on for his video editing and screen capturing needs.

The Solution:

What should you do?

ScreenFlow is an all in one video production solution for Mac users.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What are my video editing needs?
  • What operating system do I use?
  • Am I willing to edit my own videos?

If you are a Mac user and are in search of an easy to use and affordable video production tool, ScreenFlow could become your new best friend.

ScreenFlow was initially designed to serve as a screen capture utility and later, valuable editing capabilities were added to the software. ScreenFlow is a very polished screencasting application that allows users to record just about anything on their screens and easily edit them at their convenience.

Here are few reasons that allow ScreenFlow to outshine its competitors:

The go-to screen capture/screencasting tool

ScreenFlow originally started as a screen capture software and slowly paved its way into the world of editing. ScreenFlow remains a very powerful screen capture tool and is excellent for businesses looking to record important PowerPoint presentations and later being able to add voiceover and narrations.

Easy video & audio editing

ScreenFlow is a very simple and yet a very professional video and audio editing tool. The software is easy to use and contains a wide variety of features that allow users to take care of their video editing needs with just a couple of clicks. The software allows users to trim clips, blur content, insert images, add annotation and implement a call to action features to highlight certain aspects of the video.

Need more? It even supports video animation

With the introduction of their latest version, ScreenFlow allows users to create video animations with their huge range of configuration options. Moreover, the software contains a series of effects such as “Gravity” and “Spring” that are very easy to apply to different elements and can be controlled using sliders present in the Video Animations Effects panel present within the software.

Easily available for purchase

Furthermore, ScreenFlow is very easily available; be it directly through Telestream or via the Mac App Store. While purchasing the software through the Mac store might allow customers save a couple of bucks when a new version is released, purchasing it directly through Telestream allows users to qualify for upgrade pricing. Moreover, it is to be noted that direct purchasers also benefit from updates at a much faster rate than those that purchase through the Mac store, thus making it a better option to purchase directly from Telestream.

Sam understands ways that ScreenFlow can help his business.

Sam understands that although ScreenFlow has proven time and again to be an excellent screen capture tool, it can also well suit Sam’s business’ video production and editing needs.

ScreenFlow – Catering all your video production & editing needs

ScreenFlow is an affordable and easy to master motion-capture and video editing tool. Although ScreenFlow is no replacement to Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, it allows you to edit videos very effectively once you get a hang of the software, thus making it one of the very rare and easy-to-use yet very professional video editing software for all Mac users.