Target the right audience

Once you have your SEO strategy nailed down and are ready to improvise your website’s ranking on search engines, the next step is for you to seriously consider the use of keywords so that the right traffic is directed towards your website, through search engines. It is important to understand that even if your website ranks on the top of the search engine results, people often tend to skip websites that don’t have keywords that match what they are looking for.

Karen doesn’t understand how to optimized her website

While Karen has been able to get an understanding of how SEO’s work, She is worried if her website would be able to attract the right customers. In other words, she wonders if the people that are actually looking for her services would be directed towards her business.

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The Solution: 

What should you do?

In order for you to attract the right customer base and to increase the chances of your website being chosen by customers looking for services similar to what you offer, you should seek help from keywords. Keywords give your website an advantage over other websites and make it more appealing to customers.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What are the few important keywords pertaining to my business?
  • What are my customers most likely to search for on the internet?
  • How can I stand out from my competitors?

Keywords are simple “key” words that when incorporated into your website design, can make it very easy for users to discover your website through search engine results.

A keyword is a very important aspect of your SEO strategy. Search engines make use of keywords to determine what your website is about and use it to distinguish one page from another helping users find exactly what they are searching for online.

Start by identifying keywords that are relevant to your business. You can do this the old school way by spending hours thinking what keywords your customers are most likely to search on the internet when looking for the services that you offer. Another way to identify keywords would be by performing research online, browsing websites of your competitors and/or making use of keyword analyzer tools that are readily available online.

Once you have your keywords identified, here are six ways you can incorporate keywords as a part of your website, other than including them as a part of your content:


Your web address is an excellent way to communicate what your business is about.  It is suggested that you use the following format for all your URLs: www.yourweb.com/include-keywords-in-this-area

Page Title:

The page title/title tag is coded in the following format: <title>Space to include keywords</title>

Although the page title doesn’t work like a title of a book, and isn’t displayed on the page, it is shown in the search results each time someone searches for the page on a search engine. It is important that you make complete use of your page title and include a keyword here that is relevant for the page.

Header tag:

The header tag, also known as the H1 tag plays a very important role in informing the reader what the page may be about, just like the title of a book or an article. It is suggested that you use keywords within the header tag and make it catchy enough to grab the attention of anyone that visits your website.

Meta Description:

Initially, Google used Meta description/tags as means to calculate your website’s ranking, however, it no longer takes it into account. Even then, using keywords in Meta description allows your website to stand out from the others and makes your services appear more relevant and “catchy.”

Karen now has a highly optimized website

Karen, with the help of Shacklo Media, was able to understand the importance of keywords and all they have to offer, in order to attract and direct the right customers to her website for her new business.

Optimize your website

Keywords are very important to all new businesses, as they help drive targeted traffic to your website at no cost and help skyrocket your sales. However, when choosing keywords for your business website, it is important that you put some thought into the process and research for the keywords thoroughly. You should also be sure to not go overboard with the use of keywords and only use those that are relevant to the services that your business has to offer.

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