Understanding Lead Magnets

Looking for an easy way to engage your audience? Lead magnets are an effective way to boost the number of sign-ups you receive from your audience. It is important to note that simply setting up a “sign up” page or form may often not be enough to persuade your visitors to spare their precious time filling up forms with their information. This is where a lead magnet comes into play. A lead magnet is an important aspect of your lead generation strategy and helps encourage users to sign up with you. Tim wants to capture potential customers Bob wants to offer a premium service to his customers. He is wondering if he can perhaps send out an email to his customers every month, informing them of any new products or services that his business will be offering. However, he is worried if any of his visitors would actually be willing to take the time to provide their information in the format of a form present on this website. Lead Magnets The Solution: What should you do? You should include a lead magnet to attract visitors to provide their information. Who would mind sparing a minute and sharing basic information in return for a freebie? Studies indicate that users are more likely to share their information after they have taken a quiz, a survey or are being offered something for free. There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What offers can I make to my visitors?
  • What are some things that can interest my visitors?
  • How can I promote my business through Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets are described very simply as, “an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.” When offering a lead magnet, there are few guidelines that one must follow:

  • Ensure that your lead magnet is simple and specific. Instead of offering a 200 page eBook, offer a mini 10-page guide.
  • Offer something that the visitor can receive then and there. Instead of offering a month-long free training course, offer access to a simple video tutorial.
  • Instead of offering a bunch of small things, we suggest that you offer one big thing.
  • Since we rely so much on “what you see is what you get,” make sure that whatever you’re offering looks valuable and expensive.
  • Make use of your lead magnet to promote your services and products and engage the visitor in doing business with you in the future.

Making good use of lead magnets has a few very promising aspects. Not only do lead magnets boost the number of sign-ups you receive, but they also boost the number of email address and other details of your audience you receive, all at little to no cost. If you’re still wondering how this information is essential, let us start by telling you that the greater number of people who sign up, the more email addresses you will have in your database and therefore the more people you can constantly stay in touch with and promote your business through for free. Moreover, while obtaining your audience’s email is one way to continue to stay in touch with them, you can also make use of information such as age and gender of your visitors, and thus target your audience more effectively. Lead Magnets Bob now has a tool to interact with all those visiting his site Bob now has a clear understanding of Lead Magnets and is ready to encourage visitors to provide his business with their information. Attract your visitors Lead magnets are a very effective way of getting to persuade everyone visiting your website to provide some information about them. Boosting the number of visitors willing to provide their email addresses — with the help of lead magnets — means that you have the unique opportunity of making them a part of your mailing list and can reach out to them on a monthly and weekly basis and successfully turn them into loyal customers. Click to learn more about our website packages