Introduction: Creative Title: Think beyond the screen. Share business related information with brochures

Despite the ever increasing popularity of digital marketing tools, a large chunk of your audience still likes to read printed material. Brochures are a cheap and effective way to present printed information to your customer base. Not only do brochures offer ample space for business, products and services related information they also allow business to include a call to action feature to push the reader to perform a certain action after browsing the information presented on the brochure. Furthermore a brochure gives all the basic things about your business making sure that the customer has enough information to make an informed decision. Additionally, a brochure is handy, so if need be, that information can be carried around to be used again whenever felt convenient by our customers.

Conflict- Bob’s Story:

Bob is working on designing a brochure to represent his business. However, he wonders how his business can use brochures as an effective marketing tool.

The Solution:

What should you do?

Make effective use of your business related brochures by remembering to include few important elements.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What is my budget?
  • What is my purpose for printing brochures?

  • What elements should my brochure contain?

If you are intending on getting brochures printed to perhaps talk about what your business stands for, or to present your range of products or services, you need to ensure that you make complete use of all that brochures have to offer. It is necessary to make the most of the brochure in a way that is not cluttered, as that can work against you.
Here are few tips to help you create effective brochures:

Pay attention to your audience:

It is very important that you spend time understanding your customer base before you dive into preparing and printing brochures for your business. Consider important details such as what your business is all about, what your business offers, what your USP is, and how a particular service is of benefit to your customer to help you decide on particular information that should be on your brochure.

Use a persuasive headline/title to capture your reader’s attention:

It is important to note that an average individual spends no more than ten seconds to decide if a brochure is worth a read or not. If your headlines appear uninteresting, very few individuals would actually dedicate their time to reading your brochure. Making use of interesting headlines plays a very important role in encouraging an individual to spend their valuable time on reading your brochure.

Connect with your readers by using images:

If you’re making use of your brochures to sell a product or service, be sure to include professional images to capture the attention of the readers and to promote an emotional connection with them. These visuals draw attention to themselves and chances are that your customer would read the brochure if the image correctly delivers the message.

Present information in a convincing way:

It is very important that you carefully conceal the fact that you are perhaps trying to sell a product or service. Present information on your brochures in a way that makes the reader believe that you are telling them about something beneficial rather than making a sales pitch.

Push the reader to take an action:

Having convinced the reader to read and register what you have to say only brings you halfway to your ultimate goal. You must make complete use of your brochures as a highly effective marketing tool and urge your reader to take a necessary action. An example could be offering them a special discount or a free gift for making a purchase with you.

Resolution – Bob’s Story: Bob is ready to get printing

Bob understands how he can ensure that his brochures benefit his business.

Conclusion: Think beyond the computer screen

Brochures are an excellent way to approach your potential audience and encourage them to do business with you, especially when used correctly. These handy tools of marketing are best for below the line marketing of your ventures and are excellent if your aim is to mark your presence in a new mall or in a specified area. This serves a twofold purpose of marketing and of creating awareness that a certain business is operational in the vicinity.