Set-up an in-house studio for your business

As a new business, you are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to penetrate the market with something that is unique and memorable, hence creating an impact on the customers and helping them to remember your business. Videos are proven to have an extraordinary effect when it comes to interacting and reminds your audience – directly or indirectly – of the existence of your brand.

Since videos play an important role in supporting your business, it is important that you consider setting up an in-house studio to easily record influential videos without having to spend thousands on having to hire a professional. An in-house studio is not only affordable, but it also allows the user to record videos at the comfort of their home or work place, thus allowing them to easily think of innovative ideas and be able to record videos that are relatable by masses. Hence allowing your business a reach the potential it truly deserves.

Lisa wants to start filming video

Lisa understands that it is essential for her to record videos for her business. However, she wonders if she should hire professional help or invest in an in-house studio.  

The Solution:

What should you do?

Set-up an in-house studio to save money and precious time by recording your own videos.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What is your budget?
  • Are you comfortable recording videos?
  • What kind of videos are you looking to record?

Because hiring professional help can take a toll on any new business owner’s wallet, it is suggested that they invest in an easy to set-up in-house studio to record videos for their website and social media outlets.

Here’s how your own in-house video recording studio is better than hiring professional help:

Record at your comfort

Having your own studio gives you the comfort of working whenever you are feeling the most positive and creative. There is no time limitation and you can make changes in your work as you feel like it. In hired agencies, you not only have limited options, but you are also bound by their timings, and it becomes difficult every time to ask for the desired changes.

You can do the job right

No one understands or can connect to your business better than you can. Hence it is better to have your in-house studio and get exactly what you want on deadlines that you could easily meet. It becomes much more difficult for you to explain your point of view of your company and becomes a tougher job to make them see what you want. Also the hired agency may not relate to your company at all, and the indifference might reflect in the video, thus limiting the emotional appeal that your video should communicate.

Affordable solution

Your in-house video recording studio is much less expensive than an outsourced/hired agency.  The outsourced agency would charge high every time you require a video shoot. They charge large sums to record videos that you may or may not like. Hence, it is an excellent option to save precious money and use it on aspects of improving your business.

Easy maintenance

Your in-house recording studio is easy to maintain. Hiring an agency might not guarantee quality results, given that not all video recording agencies use latest equipment. Whereas, setting up an in-house studio allows you to upgrade your equipment at your own will, make use of the best equipment and enjoy quality results.

Room for improvement

There is always room for improvement in videos that you record. Your in-house studio allows you to make last minute changes, correct mistakes and add comments, etc. On the other hand, a hired agency could often resist having to make last minute changes and could charge you an exceptionally large amount to meet your requirement.

Lisa is ready to set-up his in-house recording studio

Lisa understands that it is not only feasible but is much more beneficial to set-up an in-house studio, as opposed to hiring professional help.

Create your own studio

Setting up an in-house studio is easy and affordable. It allows new business owners to convey exactly what they wish to convey through their videos and promote a deeper connection with their audience.