Your online presence matters

Building an online presence is very important, especially for a new business. In the digital age where customers like to look for businesses online, it is essential that you establish an online presence and remain ahead of the game. While most people believe that if your business is not present online, chances are that you either don’t exist, have gone out of business, or are not professional enough to gain their trust. While establishing your presence in the online world is important, it requires a little more than just setting up a website.

Ted needs to define his mission

Ted understands that having an online presence is important for his business. However, he is stressed out thinking about ways he can build an online presence.

Video Production

The Solution:

What should you do?

The use of videos is an excellent way to communicate your message and establish a presence for your business online.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What are some ways I can build my online presence?
  • How can I use videos to establish my online presence?
  • What are some platforms that I can use?

The use of videos for marketing purposes and to establish a business online is becoming more popular with each passing day. Not only does the use of videos to promote your brand allows you to supply valuable information, it also allows you to build a very special connection with the audience.

Here are three effective ways you can build your online presence and boost your sales using videos:

Start using Facebook videos

Approximately two billion people log in to Facebook each month. With an average person spending around 50 minutes on Facebook every day, Facebook is a great platform to acquire new customers.

Facebook offers you a very special platform to record raw videos that represent your brand and allow your customers to have a true connection with you. Facebook video is an excellent tool to save time recording a video and editing it and focus more on connecting with your customers. A live video on Facebook allows you to very easily convey your message; be it about the launch of a new product or an existing service, and can last up to 90 minutes in time. Unlike other social media outlets that allow you to record a live video, Facebook live allows you to publish your live video on your profile for all visitors to see. Moreover, it also allows you to include a call-to-action feature that can help provoke the viewer to take an immediate action such as buying your product.

Upload/Share your business relation videos on YouTube

YouTube is perhaps the second largest search engine, right after Google. It provides business owners with tons of marketing opportunities and allows them to upload convincing videos that can push the audience to purchase your products or services.

YouTube allows you to target your audience making use of their geographic information or by monitoring the kind of products that interest them during their time on YouTube. While YouTube has remained the #1 mobile video platform and is greatly preferred by cell phone users, it is important to note that YouTube allows you to very easily share videos and embed them on your website.

Include videos on your landing page

Businesses benefit greatly from the use of a short video to introduce their goals, products or services. Research indicates that not only does the use of videos increase traffic from search engine by more than a 100%, but up to 70% of all customers that watch a video about a product or service, end up purchasing it. While it is often a daunting task producing engaging written content and communicating your message – having a video on your landing page helps spark engagement. The video captures your visitor’s attention and helps to increase the length of time visitors are willing to spend on your page, thus, ensuring that your message is well communicated and that your clientele remains well engaged.

While videos play an exceptional role in catching the attention of your visitors, it is important that you make complete use of this opportunity and ensure that you create a lasting impression.

Video Production

Ted is ready to record! 

Ted is ready to think beyond a website and is ready to establish his brand’s presence with the use of videos.

Establish your identity online

Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook have made it easy for new businesses to make their mark online with the help of videos. They help promote a connection with your audience and allow you to build a creative, consistent and reputable image for your business.