Your website is the reflection of your business

Building your brand involves a few very important ingredients that if and when handled right, can help you create a mark. Creating a website is essential; in order to build a strong profile and to make your brand more prominent amongst the eyes of the public. You would be surprised to learn that up to ninety percent of people make their purchase decision by searching for products online. Therefore, if you do not have an online presence, it is vital that you consider creating a website.

Steve is overwhelmed

Although Steve has realized that it is very important for him to have a website to showcase his business online, he is very unsure of where to start. He spent days trying to communicate with website developers that did nothing but overwhelm him with their high costs for developing and managing the website. Steve was very much stressed; until Shacklomedia came to his rescue.

The Solution: 

What should you do?

The series of events that follow after you — as a new business owner — has decided to have a website developed. These events can be very complex and often very expensive. Wix is a great option for all those looking for an easy and pocket-friendly way to have a website developed.

There are a few very essential questions that you should ask yourself:

  •  What is my budget?
  •  Am I open to managing my website?
  • What am I looking to accomplish with my website?

What is Wix?

It was developed in 2006, and now provides services to more than 37 million websites, all across the globe. Wix is a website builder that offers impressive layouts and features that are available to you, all at no cost.
How can you benefit from Wix?


Wix is probably the easiest to use website building platform on the planet. It has user-friendly features and makes it very easy for users to select, resize and position any virtual object. Unlike any other website building platform. Wix allows users to freely place elements anywhere they desire, on the page. It allows you to animate text and other elements, thus making it very easy to maintain and customize at any point in time.

New Features

Being one of the leading site builders, Wix remains very active, when it comes to introducing new features and pushing boundaries. Their ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) feature, which makes developing your website, ten times easier and simpler.

Mobile Optimization

Wix reduces the need of having two separate sites or link; one specially designed to cater smartphone and tablet users. It is amongst the very first site builders that offer mobile customization features, which in turn enable users to optimize their page to be viewed just as properly on smartphone and tablets, as it would be on a computer.

Additional Features:

Wix offers interactive tutorials that help users understand the importance, and improve their ranking on Google’s search results. It helps users make use of their SEO tool, which allows them to control things like keywords and page descriptions and thus, appear on the very first page of Google search results.

Although Wix is offered for free and has few very important features that make it very easy to create a website on it, it is suggested that you seek help from a professional during the design and implementation phase, as your online presence is contingent upon the way your website looks.

Steve is ready to build his presence online

We advised Steve to choose our very affordable five (5) page website design and development package; which would allow him to build his businesses’ presence online. Steve communicated his needs to our team and we designed and developed a website for him in Wix so that he could save some money and easily manage the website on his own.

Wix is easy for you

Now that you have a deeper understanding of how a website designed on Wix can be very beneficial, as it not only offers very exciting features but is very easy to manage –you are now ready to learn the few very secret tricks that makes Wix even easier to manage and help you become very effective in marketing your business online.